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Doctor Anywhere

Online Mental Wellness Awareness Campaign


In COVID-19 landscape, where more social distancing measures come into play, psychological impact of the pandemic and sense of isolation, fear, stress, anxiety etc. increases as a result of circuit breaker measures. DA is launching an online mental wellness tele-consultation service, that allows users to speak to a trained psychologist on-demand via video call on the app. They also provide useful professional guidance and tips on how to improve on mental wellness. As they are primary care psychologist, no medication is required.



Develop an awareness launch campaign for Doctor Anywhere online mental wellness tele-consultation service for a period of 3-6 months with focus in Singapore, and the possibility to extend to the rest of the region including Thailand, Vietnam etc.

Client : Doctor Anywhere
Creative Director : Alvin Ho

Digital Designer : Amadea Valerie
Copy writer : YY Teo
Suit : Elleen Chua

Creative Agency : Germs Pte Ltd
Concept : Alvin Ho

KV approved from 1st launch created by associate creative director

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 5.02.15 AM.png

Concept Launch 1:
When you tell people about your insomnia, what sort of answers do you typically receive? Everyone thinks they know how to cure it – suggestions abound from your mother to your bff, even from that nosy overly-friendly kopitiam uncle.

Mum’s opinion: “Because you always play handphone la!”

Kaypoh kopitiam uncle’s opinion: “It’s because you don’t eat enough chicken rice.”


The examples above are just a few of the myriad reasons your friends and family can come up with. However, one thing’s for sure. We know that they are… #notyourdoctor

2nd Launch deliverables:
IG story Discovery stage


Website A-Z Mental Health

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Mental Health Bingo

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