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So what is Veldy?

It is a worldwide strategic storage system with a mobile application that makes travelling so much more convenient, free and light. 

Veldy stations their storage systems in close proximities to popular tourist attractions all around the world. By doing so, Veldy subscribers can travel weightless by placing their heavy luggage, backpacks or even shopping bags in their own personalized storage units. This is especially useful for backpackers who wish to explore our beautiful globe weightless.

The Veldy application has a built-in gps which allows you to track our storage systems all around the world and shows the amount of storage space available in each storage system. Veldy also is a deeply informative travel companion and guide as it allows its subscribers to learn to see through the eyes of the locals as they go about their daily lives. It is the ideal application for travelers who wish to understand and experience the beautiful and diverse rich cultures from almost all parts of our globe as our veldy application shows us what it is like to live life just like any one of the typical locals from almost every part of our globe.

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