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Only Pokka will do

What we know
Ready-to-drink (RTD) tea category is the biggest category in the beverage industry in Singapore and Green Tea makes up the biggest segment in the category.


Pokka is recognised as one of the trusted, most popular brand for RTD Green Tea in Singapore, surpassing its competitors in terms of taste and price.

What we want to achieve
Build brand love and loyalty with current Pokka Green Tea drinkers. Encourage purchase and develop brand preference amongst general Green Tea drinkers.

Client : Pokka Pte. Ltd. 
Creative Director : Alvin Ho

Digital Designer : Amadea Valerie
Copy Writer : Nicholina Chua
Suit : Elleen Chua

Creative Agency : Germs Pte Ltd
Concept :  Alvin HoNicholina Chua &  Amadea Valerie


KV direction:

To showcase the Japanese heritage and freshness of Pokka jasmine green tea, and reinforce that it is the No. 1 choice for Singaporeans.

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