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UOB Regal Business Metal Card

Were were given a task to promote and create interest for a new UOB REGAL BUSINESS METAL CARD. Created for upper class elites with highest privileges included, it needed to be positioned elegant and suited for leaders with class.

There’s nothing quite like the new UOB Regal Business Card. It definitely sits in a distinct class, being the first contactless premium metal credit card in Asia Pacific.


To appeal to a target audience made up of class acts, we’ll use a classy design pattern inspired by luxury brands, and show how the invitation-only card brings about world-class privileges. 


Dark blue tones will be used to mirror the actual card face, and give homage to blue bloods (another word for people with privilege). Privileges are shown inside the card, to showcase that you can get everything with UOB Regal Business Card.

Client : UOB Bank Pte Ltd

Creative Director : Francis Tan

Digital Designer : Amadea Valerie
Copy writer : Athena Ali
Web Developer : Clement Ong
Suit : Shin Fun Teo

Creative Agency : Germs Pte Ltd
Concept : Francis Tan & Athena Ali & Amadea Valerie

Website link : UOB Regal Business Metal Card


Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 4.37.04 PM.png


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